Monster Breeder Reference
Jobs & Working

Not going to be in for the day? Just feeling lazy? Fear not, sloth, for there is work to be done nonetheless!

Why Work?

While working is not as beneficial for the monster as exploring, money is money, and working is definitely an option for you. It also gives some basic stat gains.

Length of Work

Each job, at its base, will take 8 hours for the monster to perform, which retires the monster for 8 hours. The monster cannot explore during that time, but can use the training center. The 8 hours are ticked away each hour on the hour, so if you work at 6:30, and the clock strikes 7:00, you will have 7 hours longer to wait for the monster to be able to work again. It is thus possible to work three times for each monster in a 24-hour period.

Work Level

Work level increases by either 1, 2, or 3 every time you work depending on how hard the work is, and is used to lessen the chance you will get an injury, and increase the chance you will do a good job at work.

Types of Work + Injuries

Jobs are split into three categories: easy, tough, hard.

Easy: This type is the safest for your monster, and is, in fact, healthy. Stat gains are small and the pay is pretty mediocre, but it guarantees that you will not get injured for a certain number of days.

Tough: This type is a little more hazardous. The chance to injure your monster is slightly higher, but the injuries you sustain won't be that bad. The stat gains are doubled, however, and the pay's better.

Hard: The pay's amazing along with the stat gains, but it really is a hazardous job. Sending a 'cute' monster in there instantly spells out failure, and even sending in anything but a worker can be risky. Injuries sustained here are more harsh than usual.

Being injured increases the heal time (by a small amount) between jobs and decreases the monster's life span.

Really Nice Job !!

There is a small (8%, shh!) chance that your monster will do extra well at work. If so, they'll be less tired (2 hours' worth) and gain an attribute point. You also earn some money depending on how hard the job was. The "impervious" skill in the skilltree helps this a lot. This does not happen if your monster was injured that day.

Things To Be Noted

Having a 'worker' type is very useful. It greatly reduces the chance of injury (and how hard the injury is) and makes 'tough' training might as well be 'easy'. You are unaffected by work-level restrictions on the job.

Having a 'cute' type is not good for work. Only consider using 'cute' types for easy work.

Your monster will gain less stat points from work if they are cpower 80 or over, and 120 or over.

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