Monster Breeder Reference

Raids are a fun community aspect in Monster Breeder. Raids are a 20-max-man attack on a lair of a beast. You must be in a guild to go on a raid.

The guild leader (or co-leader) will start a raid for a certain amount of 'ticks'. Ticks run every 30 minutes and when they reach 0 ticks, the raid begins. The minimum amount of ticks you can set up a raid for is 1, and the max is 12. People have to log in and manually sign themselves up for the raid in order to be included. (VIP can set themselves to auto-join raids so long as there's one spot)

When the ticks reach 0, all monsters are transported to the raid. It's the same method as PvP; your monster doesn't "actually" go there, and you can send the monster into the raid even while exploring. From there, you will read a page about your amazing and epic journey to the mob you're setting a raid on, and then you click to see the results.

The guild golem and the mob will fight first, and unless your golem is incredibly amazing, it will fall, and then the monsters on the raid will one-by-one attack the mob. Mobs are very strong and usually need many monsters to take them down. HP, attack, and defense are the only stats that really matter because dodging and accuracy and all that aren't accounted for in raids. This happens for everyone else's monsters in the raid, and if you succeed, the mob falls! Yay! If you lose, well, you just lose. Your waiting time and bux were wasted.

Upon defeat, the mob will drop one or more equipments for the guild. These are transported to the armory and can be distributed as seen fit by the leaders/armory master. You need at least four people in a raid to have the mob drop its first, weaker equip, and at least eight to make it drop the great equip. Equips are not guaranteed. The guild golem will gain some SRP, and if it's your first defeat of the raid. Every 5 raids you defeat will give you a skill point.

Finally, you can see if a raid is going on or not by simply going to "home" and checking for a message.

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