Monster Breeder Reference

Things in MonBre are pretty laid back.

  • You can swear.

  • Minor flaming is allowed, excessiveness will get you in trouble.

  • Unlike many other games or communities, we are a democracy and will vote on things that are best for the forum or game.

  • Moderators do NOT = Goderators. Moderators are in the form of BCS members, and are players just like you. They deserve respect in that they are doing their job, but aside from that, do not be afraid to disagree with them or even insult them (if you must!). Any moderator who bans/suspends people in an unjustified manner will be immediately stripped of their title.

However, don't think just because we're a laid back kinda community, that this is a place to cause trouble. Our head BCS member spent many hours living with and studying trolls and is quite adept at handling troll topics. Most importantly: have fun, and exercise freedom of speech.

Blocking ads

I am not a faceless corporation. I'm one guy in a shitty little apartment paying for a server that costs $70 a month and still devoting plenty of time to MonBre. Blocking my ads is a complete insult to me and an incredible display of ignorance and selfishness. That being said, blocking ads is against the rules. I'm not gonna ban you for it, but enough people do it, I'll have to take action. VIP (people who support the game) never see ads.


It should go without saying, don't do it. We really don't care about multying here. (creating another character to play with) I'm not sure why you would do this, because there's very few benefits to having a second account, but if you so wish to do it, it's fine by us. However, attempting to exploit scripts is not. :( If you happen to find a bug, report it as soon as possible, and if you think it shouldn't be stated publically, then just mail Vael Victus on the forums. Usually bug reports (especially those containing exploits) are rewarded in some way, as we are a great democracy, and you should be rewarded for helping.

Playing the Game