Monster Breeder Reference
Exploring, Part 2

Still with me? Now we explore another part of the exploration system!


Quests are sometimes used to continue the story, but mostly are just there for fun. You don't have to pick up a single quest in MonBre, but they do help, and the story is most interesting. You find them in town very easily.

Finding New Cities and Towns

When you get to a new city, the game knows it. When you get to a new town, the game doesn't, but it will still recognize you as being there. When entering a new city for the first time, you will see a dialogue between you and your rival.

Game Over?!

So you got cocky, made enemies... and now it's game over for you. You'll lose 5% of your mood. You'll start at the last city you visited, with your monsters' HP fully restored. This only affects level 4 or above breeders.

Embracing Your Square-like Fate

You'll notice in MonBre (eventually) that the world is actually made up of "squares" that dictate where the mobs are. That's because, due to the nature of code I have implemented, that's just how things work. So you should always pay attention to where exactly you are in the world. Minimaps help this a lot. Let's say you're in 900, 1000. You've just entered a new block, it's great. All mobs in this block will be the same. But now, you continue going east, and you enter 1000, 1000's block. New mobs! Some blocks are cut off by water, and the cuts are generally squares too. So if 1000, 1000 had water at the bottom of it, it might take off a full 20 squares from the bottom, even though the water should only take like 15 squares. Some things are just impossible to measure.

Finally - Why Do It?

What seems like a dumb question for one person may seem reasonable for another. Why explore? It's the only way to continue your journey! It's the most fun part of Monster Breeder! It's what the game was founded on the idea of! With that being said, it's important you explore not only for your monsters, but for the continuation of the story. Sometimes it may seem tedious - where are you going? What will be there? You've got a minimap, some roads, a GPS, and an at-times-more-useful world map!

Playing the Game