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Things That Make You Go "Hmm"

Things in games don't always have to make sense. Why do monsters carry around gold? Why do all the thugs happen to look and dress the exact same way? It's all just stuff you have to shrug off as being "game stuff", because if monsters didn't drop gold, they'd have to drop lots of items to sell to NPCs. And if they took that much time to program tons of thugs, besides the files being huge, that's just a lot of time right there. A lot of "game stuff" is things that just shouldn't be added: games aren't exactly supposed to emulate the monotony of everyday life.

Below are some things that make you go "hmm..." in MonBre:

When I say "you insert the soul shard into the monster", I mean you press the soul shard against the monster's forehead, and it is absorbed.

The world of MonBre treats your journey as a single player one. When you kill a boss, he's dead. He doesn't come back.* But for other players, he will.

*Only for quest bosses; others can be farmed.

It just so happens that you start in the town with the crappiest mobs to beat. I call this the "Pallet Town Effect". Remember Pokemon? Every city you'd start in would give you crappy Rattata and Pidgey to fight. In reality, this means everyone in Pallet Town is doomed to be a noob forever, while everyone on Cinnabar Island had to throw a hell of a lot of rocks at their level 30 pokemon. It just has to work that way! ;)

Yes, you can battle people through PvP from anywhere, and your monsters are instantly revived.

hay why are trees the size of towns

Seriously, just go with it. The other way we had would make everything look incredibly bland and boring, so it was ultimately decided to make the objects look big while the towns are very small. It doesn't make sense until you suspend your disbelief. :3

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