Monster Breeder Reference

Basic Breeder Life

Okay, you plop into the world of Monster Breeder... now what? ;) First you're going to need a monster to fight with.

The Monster For You

It's important to choose a monster that you'll like. A more in-depth explanation is under the "Monsters" tab, but the general reasons to picking a certain monster type are as follows:

Evil: You want a fighter, not a lover. Monsters tend to be scary-looking and vile.
Good: You want a monster that can do either working or fighting, and lasts long. Monsters tend to be ethereal and pleasant.
Worker: You want a solid worker. It's fine at fighting. Monsters look tough and are usually hardy.
Cute: You want a monster that's more of a pet than anything. Consumption of food aids this. They can still be used for battle, and their skills are great party support.
Normal: You want a monster... that much you know. But you can't decide. The normal has no cons, and only one pro: inherent +3% crit chance.


The root of all evil, and the way to support yourself. Raising that newborn monster is not easy - you're going to need to feed it and yourself. How much the monster eats is dependant on how much it's grown, and how much you eat is dependant upon priorities.

Barns & Houses

Barns and houses are used for two things. Both are used to increase your breeder level, because you are proving you are a stable breeder by having them. Then, barns are used to hold more monsters and food. Houses are for items, but also give more of a breeder level boost than upgrading for barns.


Every night at 10 minutes before midnight, your choices for living are tallied and you are taxed for however much you are living. Every night you get +600 Bux to work with, and your priorities take away from that. More info in the "Health & Priorities" tab.


Achievements are just a simple claim-to-fame for yourself. You get them by doing certain tasks, and sometimes they do have an effect which will be known to you when you have enough. ;) We don't believe in spoiling every last achievement for you, so you should find some out for yourself!

Playing the Game