Monster Breeder Reference
Reference: Condensed

Well, our reference is freaking huge and some people just want to know the short version of it all. Yes, that's fine with me. I do suggest if you want to eventually get serious about MonBre one day, (like VIP serious) that you would read a good portion of the real reference. Here we go.


Breeder Basics - Houses hold your items, barns hold your monsters. Priorities are taken into account every night at midnight EST and affect your health and mood. Achievements are just cute little pats on your bum that say, "nice job".

Breeder Level - You level up by doing quests and getting experience from your priorities. Each level up, every 5 raids won, and killing gods, gives you 1 skill point. Skill points are spent in your breeder skill tree.

Priorities - If you have high mood and health, you get inherent stat boosts in battle. Low, you lose some. Health is also used to single-splice.

Money - Send your monsters to work for money. You can also sell your equips or marbles/gems you find. Spend money on enhancements, equips, maxing barn and house, and unique things.

Transportation - You can use zeppelins to travel between cities if you have been to the city once already. Trains are expensive but can bring you between towns very easily. Just make sure you're strong enough to face the monsters outside of the town you're visiting if you go exploring. Boats are just water trains. There are Happy Times in which you can have free rides; check the full section.


Stats - Your basic stats are turned into combat stats upon entering combat. Stamina keeps you alive, strength makes your attacks hurt more, constitution makes their attacks hurt less and your block higher, agility affects how fast you are and how you dodge and hit, and luck effects everything just a little bit and helps with critical hits.

SRP - SRP is the equivalent of experience points. You spend them as you need; "levels" in monbre are just a show of power. You can kill three mobs and have enough to raise a stat. Raise them from the Monsters page.

Equipment - Equips drop from mobs. If you are "hunting", they drop slightly less. If you are "sneaking", they drop slightly more. Prefixes and suffixes make the equipment more powerful. It is possible for them to burn, poison, and bleed your target.

Splicing - Splicing combines either two monsters, or you and the monster together. Dual-monster splicing is better for the stats, and gives a large pool of abilities to choose from, but uses two monsters. Single-splicing only uses one monster but uses your health in place and is quite expensive to receive anything beneficial from.

PvE - Player versus Environment. You need to be either exploring or in the training center. Once you enter combat, it really is self-explanatory with hover-overs. "Mob sets" are in effect that make it so you don't always face the same mob all the time. Read the article for in-depth explanation of systems.

Work - The primary means of making money, working also increases the monster's stats a bit. Working will retire your monster for 8 hours. If the monster explores, it cannot work, and vice versa. They can still use the training center. Sometimes your monster will do a really good job at work and thus be less tired and gain an extra attribute point. Cute types are bad for working. When injured, your monster is more tired.

Evolution - Evolution is very powerful! The more the monster's level (not c-power) goes up, the more you can evolve it. Getting a full-grown monster takes level 250. Go to the lab to evolve your monsters. Evolution and splicing are the only ways to receive abilities.

Misc. Info

Guild - Guilds are places for you to join forces with others. They allow you to raid and make you part of something greater. Sometimes you'll be taxed by the guild to feed the golem.

Raiding - Really cool. Your guild master sets a raid up and you join (either through home or guild) with your best monster. The guild as a whole travels and attempts to defeat a very large and hard mob. Typically raids are set up by mass mail and the forums and deciding when to meet up. Defeating 5, 10, 15 etc. raids will give you a skill point.


Exploring - Exploring is the main attraction of MonBre. You drop off in the world from whatever city/town you left off at. Random encounters rise up depending on your traveling status. If you're hunting, they appear more. Normal, normal. Sneaking, they appear less. You can't (yet?) swim across water unless in lakes where it is assumed there are small islands. Quests exist. Game overs can happen but don't mean anything 'till after level 4. Teleports can be bought at the shop and bring you back to the last city/town you visited.

BCS - We are awesome. We are admins. We are fair, unlike many other games' admins.

Vacation Mode - You can vacation twice a month and if you need more than that, you're highly pampered. When vacationing, your monsters don't age or anything.

Playing the Game