Monster Breeder Reference

Equipment in Monster Breeder is of two varieties: soul shards, and mob drops. Soul shards are purposefully manufactured and sold in stores to make the monster stronger. Some people use soul shards professionally to make their working monsters stronger, some crazy people (you!) are actually trying to defeat the gods, and some people use their monsters for protection. If you've read the lore, as everyone does, (right?) then you already know that monsters are actually just ectoplasm-ey blobs. That being said, the process for equipping the monsters involves you taking the shard/drop into your hands, placing it into the monster's head, and the monster *magically* absorbing it. You can only equip two at once. To unequip the monster, it simply pushes the equip back out.

Equips are done differently than other games. There are no requirements, you just attach them.

Mob Drops

When you slay a mob, it has a chance to drop something when it dies. For example, if you kill a slime, it will drop "Gelatinous Remains". The remains act as an equip. Some bosses or elite creatures have what are called "Elite Equips" and these equips are shown in red text. Quest mobs will give you "their" reward in the form of when you turn the quest in, while regular bosses (who can be beaten multiple times) have a varying chance to drop them, depending on which equip it drops. Bosses generally have more than one equip to drop. Setting yourself to "hunting" gives you a slightly less chance to find an equip, while "sneaking" gives you slightly more of a chance to find one.

Prefixes and Suffixes!

There's a chance you'll get a prefix and/or a suffix attached to your equip. This means they are in some way enchanted by the mob's manta. There's a 1/4 chance you'll get a prefix on your equip, and 1/3 chance to get a suffix. Prefixes are more varied, while suffixes are rarer but not as varied. Prefix and suffix bonuses apply ONLY to the equip's bonuses. This is going to be a little complicated, so let's give an example:

You're out enjoying MonBre and (hopefully ^^) contemplating buying VIP, when suddenly! The Gruff you just killed dropped a leaf. Very exciting, yes. It's got 4 accuracy and 2 dodge. But also, it has a prefix attached to it, making it "Archer's Gruff Leaf". You look up in the reference and see that the archer prefix means both equips (NOT just the gruff leaf you got) get +10% accuracy and +10% dodge. You also have a Rabbit's Foot equipped, which gives you +2 atk and +2 dodge. So all together, you have +4 accuracy, +2 attack, and +4 dodge. The archer prefix turns that to 4 * .1 = 4.4 accuracy and dodge. And in case you're wondering, yes, decimals ARE factored in to combat, you just don't see them. Now those are just newbie equips, and once you start to actually get into the game, you'll get higher stat gains and all that, to REALLY give meaning to the -ixes!

Also, the equip system was built in mind with not making your equips absolutely useless at one point. Even if you have a +7 atk and +7 speed equip, but then you've got your little gruff leaf that only gives a bit, BUT gives a bonus to what you currently have, you could still consider the gruff leaf better!

Equip Combat Math

Quite simple. If you have +10 attack from an equip, you've got it. As stated above, if you've got +20% on it, that makes the equip +12.

Meanings For The Prefixes and Suffixes

Note: If you get a "greater" equip, double all gains and losses. Also, these are in alphabetical order for your convenience.


Archer's - 10% acc and 10% dodge.

Barbed - 20% to cause bleeding with attacks.

Berserker's - 25% attack, no defense boosts on any equipment.

Bloodspoiler's - +15% attack and speed, but -10% of the monster's total (not only equips) defense.

Cruel - 20% more attack.

Fiery - 20% to burn.

Fighter's - 10% more attack and speed.

Furious - For each equip that has this, your monster gets +5% more fury on each mob death.

Gambler's - 10% dodge and attack.

Hale - +25% as much HP from the equip.

Indecisive - Gives +2% to all stats, and 1% crit chance.

Lucky - 10% speed and accuracy.

Poisonous - 20% chance to poison.

Scout's - 20% speed.

Stalwart - 10% attack and defense.

Unorthodox - 10% defense and 10% accuracy.


Courage - 5% attack, 5% speed, 5% accuracy.

Corruption - 5% more to all status effect possibilities.

Death - +2x attack, but your whole defense is instantly zero'd.

Defense - 5% defense, 5% hp, 5% dodge.

Density - +30% defense, dodge and speed instantly zero'd.

Indecision - 2% to everything.

Movement - 5% speed, 5% accuracy, 5% dodge.

Resistance - +20% chance more to not be affected by a status effect.

Severity - 5% more crit.

Valor - 5% HP, 5% attack, 5% defense.

Playing the Game