Monster Breeder Reference
Monster Type & Evolution

Your monster's type is important in MonBre! 'Pro' is the advantage the type has, 'con' is the disadvantage. Role is a suggested role you would choose the monster for. There are five standard types of monsters, and one other secret type.

Pro: Greater SRP bonus per evolution than others.
Con: Sap half a percent of life per day from the breeder.
Role: Direct combat! Make for great splicers and fighters. Many of their abilities are offensive, to the point where the best self-heal for them is the worst self-heal for a Good type monster.

Pro: Heals half a percent of life per day for the breeder.
Con: Less SRP gained per evolution.
Role: Good party support and have access to paladin-like skills.

Pro: Less likely to be injured when working, unaffected by work-level limits.
Con: Eats twice as much a day. (caps at 400/day at adult)
Role: A worker used to gain money and use in splicing. Skills tend to be passive buffs and energy management.

Pro: Eats half as much. Many party-wide buffs and passive buffs.
Con: Greater chance to be injured when working.
Role: Pet. They're cute and cuddly, and don't require much upkeep.

Pro: A small advantage: +3% inherent crit chance.
Con: No pro.
Role: If you want to be more flexible with your monster, this is a suitable type. Many different types of skills are available to them.


When a monster in MonBre evolves, the look and attributes of the monster change. When the monster is at the right level (not combat power) it is ready to change into its next form! When you evolve, you can receive a new ability. Also, monsters may still evolve if you give them enough time, but it's significantly slower. It's best to level manually.

Egg -> Baby
Instantly hatches within roughly 10 minutes.
Baby -> Toddler
Level: 10
Toddler -> Child
Level: 50
Child -> Teen
Level: 150
Teen -> Adult
Level: 250

Egg -> Baby
Instantly hatches within roughly 10 minutes.
Baby -> Toddler
Age: 1 day
Toddler -> Child
Age: 5 days
Child -> Teen
Age: 16
Teen -> Adult
Age: 31

Helpful Chart
The following graphic shows how each of the monsters evolve. This shows only one evolution tree; they all follow the same formula, except the super secret monster, who just has a single path.

IMPORTANT: You have to MANUALLY go to the lab to evolve them.

Playing the Game