Monster Breeder Reference

Guilds, the official meeting place of all people with the same interests! Some of those interests may be art, music, or dancing like a flamingo. Perhaps they're more game-driven? Maybe you're trying to be the best, most strongest guild... maybe you just want a big family of people? Maybe you want to be a newbie-helping guild! Whatever your reasons for starting one, let it be known that it can be one of the best worst things you'll ever do.

The Basics

The general idea behind starting a guild is to achieve some common goal. Unfortunately, you're going to need more than a common goal to start a guild. The requirements are as follows:

    Level 8 Breeder Level
    150,000 Bux
    Mark of Harold

The requirements are a bit hefty, but that's because starting a guild is no joking matter. There's not supposed to be 300 guilds floating around with 5 members each in them. That's just not going to happen.

Your Colors

A very interesting idea for guilds is a guild "color" system. When you first create the guild, you are given a system of three colors (out of 16) to blend together to make your "emblem". For example, one might choose red|red|orange, and those are your designated colors for life. This is for customization purposes, and the colors will play a more important role as time goes on.

Guild Golem

Every guild has a super cool golem. It starts at level 1 and progresses much like a monster does with SRP. SRP donations are given by the guild members (either voluntary or forced, depends) and the guild leader uses the SRP to increase its stats. The golem is mostly a fighter and protects against attackers. Used for raiding and GvG.

Golem Form

The golem's form is the shape that the rocks mold into. Depending on which you choose, they will have different effects going into battle. Mostly these are abilities, either inherent or by chance. You can only change the form every three days. All abilities are amplified for every 100 levels the golem has. So if you have level 99, the phoenix has a 10% chance to ressurect with 10% life. However once you hit 100, it'll have a 20% chance to res with 20% life. This continues to level 1,000 which is not the max a golem can grow, but is the max of its ability effects.

  • Golem form has no pro's or cons, but at level 1,000+ will get +2% defense and strength.
  • Phoenix form sacrifices 15% of its attack strength but has a chance to ressurect itself with 10% health (for each 100 levels) upon death.
  • Bird form sacrifices 15% defense to get a 5% chance per level to fly above the opponent and dodge their next attack.
  • Tyro form lets loose a massive roar that buffs every monster's stats by 1% per 100 levels. When it does this, it loses 5% of all stats for the remainder of the round regardless of its level.
  • Blob form has an inherent 5% defense bonus for each level it is, but can sometimes not make it to the target in time for its attack. If it doesn't, the opponent gains an extra attack with a % of its max damage depending on golem level.
  • Sliver form is the opposite of blob... due to the sliver's shape, it loses 10% inherent defense, but is so quick that it can make a second attack. The second attack chance gets more common and powerful with higher level.
  • Tiger has +3% attack and -3% defense. Levels do nothing for them until level 500 in which the bonus turns to +4% attack and -2% defense, and then at level 1,000 +5% attack and -1% defense.
  • The mote form has a 3% chance each 100 levels to increase its stats by 1% for each 100 levels, however it has an inherent -5% to all stats when not under the ability.

Note: Stat bonuses happen before guild bonuses.

Guild vs. Guild

Not currently implemented! We'll see what happens as the game develops. :)

Playing the Game