Monster Breeder Reference
Player vs. Player

PvP stands for "Player versus Player". It means that your monsters are going up against someone else's monsters. There are no attack choices here... you go in, and it's instant, automated carnage. There is a 'block' system in place, based on the monster's defense stat. To calculate block, it is defense * 3.5. When block is gone, all damage after that will be direct - this ensures that a team of moderately strong monsters could still beat a team which has just one strong monster. When a monster falls, another one comes in place of it. PvP does not hurt your monsters after the fight.

Critical Hits and Dodging

A critical hit will do 1.25x the normal damage. To calculate critical hit chance, subtract the defender's luck from the attacker. Max of 20% crit chance per blow. Dodging attacks is sorta like critical hits too, in that it's now the speed (not agility) stat stacked up against the opponent's. There's a base 80% chance to hit the opponent, and if your speed is higher, it raises a bit, and if it's lower, it lowers. Lowest you can get is 65% hit chance, and highest is 95%.
Playing the Game