Monster Breeder Reference
Exploring, Part 1

So you're ready to explore, huh? Not exactly. Without some knowledge of what's ahead, you're likely to be eaten by a giant slug just by turning the wrong way. Once you're exploring, you're not coming back until you get back to a city or town.

Grabbing Your Monsters

The most monsters you can bring along with you at a time is 3. You select the monsters in order of how you wish them to appear, and you're off. They won't appear in the list if tired or stale.

Random Encounters and You!

The world is a scary and dangerous place. Sure, cities and towns are safe, but things can get a bit more dangerous in the wild. There's three ways to go about exploring in the world: hunting, normal, and sneaking. Hunting increases your chances of finding monsters, normal is just normal, and sneaking will make it hard for monsters to fight you. if you're "hunting", you have less (.5%) chance to gain an item. If you are sneaking, you have more (.5%) chance to find an item. This works out because hunting means you are more prone to overlook the item and your monster more likely to destroy it. It's the opposite for sneaking. If your goal is to make it to another city, town, or landmark, it's best to choose either normal or sneaking. MonBre's designed to give your monster an equal chance at fighting, but also your opponent, too. It's not uncommon to have a level 10 monster facing a level 1 mob and actually getting hit for some damage.

Bosses are special mobs, stronger than usual. And as such, they drop even better gear than normal, and give more SRP. While quest bosses are currently in the game, regular bosses are scheduled for later release. Quest bosses are only there if you have a quest activated, and don't drop anything at all, but they do give better-than-normal SRP.

Hitting Water

Yes, you can swim. But not across an ocean of giant octopi and sea monsters. For this reason, you sometimes cannot pass large bodies of water. The only exception is Lake Eutroph. (there's lots of islands and stuff there)

More continued in Part 2

Playing the Game