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Adam Davenport - Last seen 4 minutes ago.
Lex Luther - Last seen 4 minutes ago.
Trevor Bower - Last seen 4 minutes ago.
Brier Rodriguez - Last seen 3 minutes ago.
Max Rodriguez - Last seen 4 minutes ago.

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Adam Davenport255GuildameshLacus
Brier Rodriguez255GuildameshLacus
Corey Hill10New Orsa
Crimson Avenger254Blood RedLacus
Domo Kunn21New Orsa
Grews Mushrewm-bear21New Orsa
Jesso Smit-bear22New Orsa
Lex Luther254GuildameshLacus
Max Rodriguez255GuildameshLacus
Spencer Forrester11New Orsa
Trevor Bower254GuildameshLacus
Tyler Drake255GuildameshLacus