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PvE combat upgraded, city page reborn, faster exploring!
PvE combat upgraded, city page reborn, faster exploring!

Vael Victus
"MonBre's back!"
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08/28/2009 18:09
PvE has been changed! A lot!
Okay, our battle system was horrible. This is what has been changed:
You will no longer "always dodge" your opponent. Minimum hit chance is 40% and max is 95%. Abilities of both mob and monster will always hit.
Since you're gonna get hit more, there's now block. You can think of block as HP that regenerates each battle. I call it "fluff" HP - you're hit, but it doesn't really hurt.
The layout was made... not stupid. There are hover-overs for hit chance and block, that big dookie energy bar was minimized, and the quite-useless cpower has been removed from display. You can view it at your SRP page.
Both sides are going to take more damage. That means, yes, defense is a tad less useful and strength is a bit more useful. Ultimately along with block, constitution has been made more important.

As for the training center, I changed it a bit too. Now it'll keep track of your TP, and the yellow stick has had an ability added: heals itself. Should entice newbies a bit more now.

The point of this change was to make MonBre more like a real game and not one where you just enter battle and smash buttons to victory. A lot of newbies were put off by our terrible battle system because they'd enter the world, and either not be able to hit the mob, or be able to, and in return get hit for 1/5 their HP.
Boom boom new city page.
Unless you are blind, (literally) you know we have a new city page. This one shows more information and makes it apparent that there are quests to be done and gods to kill. And if you ARE blind, you will have noticed that hovering over the scroll in town (the todo list) now has no more ugly HTML in it.

I've made the ability to travel twice as fast in exploring. Merely set your pace to "swift" and you're flying. And for your information, it was very hard to resist putting the pace to "grueling".

PvP now has a better 'dodge' system. It takes the speed of the monsters and matches them against each other. Check the reference for details.

There's some new tiles that I edited myself at Lake Eutroph. I know many of you don't go there, but there will be a dungeon there eventually.

The towns that didn't sell equips/healing items now do, and I've added todo scrolls for all of the world.

After more than an hour of regretting I was ever born, the tile system for exploration was optimized. We saved about 0.24 second loading, and some server pressure. If some of you noticed the display of the tiles would sometimes flash white then display, that has been fixed. <3 I also changed the algorithm for spawning objects. Sometimes when venturing into the deep wood, you'd notice the same objects would be together in the same tile. Hopefully I killed that bug butt-good.

Guild leaders can mass mail again.

Consume Darkness has gone from a base of 40 heal to 25% of max health.

In general I've just been optimizing code here and there, mostly focusing on old scripts, standards compliance, and optimizing the site for the ever-loving Internet Explorer.

Ehh just stuff like the game thinking you have an extra monster in battle, and mob HP carrying over from status effects.
Auto-heal will now heal your status effects. Also I made it display correctly.
All AJAX-related problems should be taken care of now.

MonBre is an unlisted game of tinydark Studio. Personal Website:
Vael Victus
"MonBre's back!"
Posts: 2178
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08/28/2009 18:11
Dev Notes
A pretty mighty update, I think. Real-life work has been non-existent so on top of that and coding my other project, I've had a decent amount of time for MonBre. Next update will likely have classes, guild mining, and rival stories in it. I hope to have two more quests too. With guild mining comes golem equips, which shouldn't be too hard to work out.

MonBre is an unlisted game of tinydark Studio. Personal Website:

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