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PvP, tidiness, other things...
PvP, tidiness, other things...

Vael Victus
"MonBre's back!"
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08/14/2009 18:08
PvP System
PvP has changed a bit. Now block is calculated 3.5 * the defense, instead of just 3 * defense, because it was not competitive with HP.
Luck is now a factor because of critical hits. Critical hits will happen more often if you have higher luck than the opponent. Please check the reference for the exact math.
I optimized and redid a few of the scripts so they didn't make me look like a ginormous noob. Also the layouts to things like "resolved battles" are better.
We now have PvP rankings.

Oops, I forgot to mention! You can now send your monster to work through exploring, by hitting the cellphone at the top.

Mail system's completely done.

The guild page has been really cleaned up. Now it has "what raid players need most" and "kick all inactive players".

Nighteye Cave was added to the minimap.

Now you will simply stop gaining stats from work if you are incredibly strong. (160+ cpower) You all know who you are.

Thanks a lot to Vincent Kane: we now have all swamp mobs' descriptions, all of Insula's, and some of Parilitas's.

When a mob died from a status effect, it would cost 2x energy of what you killed them with, but also give you 2x fury. This has been fixed.
Finally squashed that damn bleeding bug! Now all mobs of the world will bleed you again.
When getting an equip with negative stats, it would say, for example, +-7 defense. Well now it's perfect.
Turns out the chance to get equips was actually 1/34 instead of 1/35. Now I feel better.
The chimera type's life would not be always 45 days when splicing; it is now.
Fixed a display bug with blob golem attacks.

MonBre is an unlisted game of tinydark Studio. Personal Website:

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Vael Victus
"MonBre's back!"
Posts: 2176
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08/14/2009 18:10
Dev Notes
Yeah yeah this update was terrible. I spent a lot of time just redoing things, or working elsewhere, it was just not hearty and frankly I'm disappointed. The "rival quests" will be in next update, but they're not really quests. They do flesh out the story a good amount. I don't know, a lot of cool stuff on the way, I guess. Like minimaps, maybe I'll make edit actually look good for mails. Probably not. And knowing my schedule, we might even have classes, races, or something completely... different.


MonBre is an unlisted game of tinydark Studio. Personal Website:

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Demi Lune
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08/14/2009 18:57
Oh no, not gaining stats from working! That means I need to explore if I want to gain any stats!

Or just toss all (most of) my buff monsters. Yeah, let's do that.

Don't be so hard on yourself, at least you tracked down a bunch of nasty bugs that made absolutely no sense

But when that call never comes, it's time to face what you've become - there's no point doing all of this, unless you know you're having fun.
Vanilla Name
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08/15/2009 09:17
Fixing all these bugs just makes the game more professional so don't worry!
It's time well spent ^.^

Also; *clears his throat*



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