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New PvE, new mob abilities, everything!
New PvE, new mob abilities, everything!

Vael Victus
"MonBre's back!"
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Mar 27th - 17:03:23 PM
PvE changes:
There are now six turns per round. This is because of the new speed system; things are very fair now.
Along with tweaking the new system, I've now added a protection against people just going around and ganking monsters for tons of SRP at a time. This is in relation to your combat power: if it's over 20 than the level of the mob you're facing, it stops you. And 40 gets you next-to-nothing.
Mob rage is now pretty uncommon and you should be ashamed of yourself if you get it, and it also hurts you a lot more now. You can find a complete rewrite of the way PvE works in the reference.

Mob abilities are here! omgomgomg, I know! 9% chance every round that the mob will have an ability. These vary between mobs, so go check 'em out! Make sure everything works correctly and is balanced. This also means I'm going back to focusing on more content: minimaps, mobs, and quests.

Along with all of this, I made PvE slightly faster for your viewing pleasure, and easier on the server.

I fixed so many fscking bugs this weekend, I made myself feel better by drawing this:

MonBre is an unlisted game of tinydark Studio. Personal Website:

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Rik Boersma
"i will protect my city !!!"
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Mar 27th - 17:28:46 PM
hahahaha frustration art

Tidda Mouse
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Mar 27th - 19:31:51 PM
Hehe, nice work bunny.

Cateran Llama

Mar 27th - 22:13:29 PM
So if your mon gets poisoned how do you fix it? I mean, other than defend in combat 'til it goes away. Hospital? (I could go hunting bigger mobs ... I guess.)

Vael Victus
"MonBre's back!"
Posts: 2183
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Mar 28th - 10:11:30 AM
As of right now, it doesn't really matter, because the durations are so short and you can just instantly heal anywhere. But eventally, proooobaaably for MonBre 2.0, (or 1) you will have static HP and have to heal your monsters and all that. There will be potions, cure-alls, stuff like that. For now, yeah, just wait it out. You get free healing by going in and out of town anyway.

MonBre is an unlisted game of tinydark Studio. Personal Website:
Alice Bolton
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Mar 30th - 00:23:56 AM
I'm definitely going to go check it out RIGHT NOW!

=( ' /\ ' )= ~Meow

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