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Art explosion and more tidying.
Art explosion and more tidying.

Vael Victus
"MonBre's back!"
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Mar 08th - 12:29:01 PM
Steel falcon, leech-covered chimera, giant crab, sliver chimera, baby hydra, yanma, grown gruff, goblin scout, forest spider. What do these mobs have in common? They all have just been drawn! And what's more? Goblin Scout was drawn by Sift Slade, and Xavier Colt drew the forest spider. Be sure to spam their inboxes with adoration.

Re-arranged "home" to look very nice! The only thing I don't like is hovering over for the trainer stats, what do you guys think?

Made it possible to view news off the front page if not logged in.

Also pertaining to the front page, (and the cityhall link which no one uses) I have added that when you click the number of how many users are logged in, it will now tell you who and their last action.

MonBre is an unlisted game of tinydark Studio. Personal Website:

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Ash Aston
"pac eh?"
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Mar 08th - 14:47:32 PM
i love the hovering of the additional trainer stats, not so much the others. maybe they can be tweaked in some way, but eh, i'd rather see my money, food, etc right away without the hovering.

besides that, good job i like it

Tidda Mouse
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Mar 08th - 15:52:44 PM
Oooh, sexy. Yeah, I have to agree with the Ash. Advanced trainer stats hover is hot. The other hovers just seem like overkill. I will have to check out the funky new mobs later.

Sift Slade
"I do what i want"
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Mar 08th - 23:41:07 PM
Love everything but the hover overs of level, food supply, money and teleports. I think it would be better to just have a number next to them. I really like the advanced trainers stats hover over though.

Alice Bolton
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Mar 09th - 12:40:58 PM
I really don't mind any of the hovering. It's quite nice, actually.

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