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Summer 2019 Update
Summer 2019 Update

Vael Victus
"MonBre's back!"
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09/01/2019 14:10
The lab UI's been reworked: now when you select a monster to evolve, it will outright give you the evolution and skill options, rather than showing you the next evolution and just silently giving you its skill. Adult monsters will now be disabled in the list of eligible monsters.

The Employment Agency's UI has been improved. More room was given on the page where you select your monster, and the selection dropdown has been improved with proper headers and colors that denote which stats will be improved. If a monster is under-level for a Tough or Hard job, the options will now be replaced with a hint that they need to spend some time on the basic jobs first.

Trained Vizaroh and Vizaroh Soldier have gotten abilities.

The tutorial's presentation was improved.

Clicking the malnutrition notice now takes you to the shop to buy food!

Thanks to Beatrice for art for the Lost Chimera.

Bug Fixes
Since schools were removed, the Slimesperiment quest could not be completed. Oops. Took the opportunity to improve the school UI for the one time someone will visit the school for the quest.

Realtor was incorrectly specifying that 4 monsters was the max.

Employment Agency was not showing a slot for your 5th monster.

Freezers were not accounting for the final tier of barn.

Running away (with the tier 3 PvE ability) would render only half the page.

The Battle-Hardened trait could not be improved in visual aid mode.

Trouble with changing pace in exploring has been fixed.

The Duneripper would not actually hurt itself when its ability did zero damage. A few
other mobs that did this were fixed too.

Fixed some glitchy battle styles, and a security bug annoyance.

MonBre is an unlisted game of tinydark Studio. Personal Website:
Vael Victus
"MonBre's back!"
Posts: 2176
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09/01/2019 14:19
Little by little, MonBre is getting there. This update was focused on a load of bug fixes (clearly) and some low-hanging fruit to improve the immediate user experience.

I will likely skip the Autumn update because things are ramping up with tinydark. I'll be registering as a real company next year and will start listing our games and such. Soft plan is still to finish MonBre in 2021 but if we bleed into 2022, no problem.

MonBre is an unlisted game of tinydark Studio. Personal Website:
Garr Slayer
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09/06/2019 18:15
Nice! Think that says it all

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