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The Return of MonBre
The Return of MonBre

Vael Victus
"See you, fantasy monster game."
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01/06/2017 07:44
If I forget thee, Monster Breeder, strike this mouse from my hand.

Ten years ago, MonBre began development. Nine years ago, I released it to the public. Seven years ago, I froze its development. Today I'm announcing that MonBre will return to passive development. What does this mean?

In my spare-spare time, I will be modernizing MonBre where I can. There are some inexcusable bugs to squash and some quality-of-life improvements that I can make. As my development schedule is already booked, the majority of MonBre's passive development will be taking place, when I see fit, during my recreation time. This is a therapeutic return to form for myself: in MonBre's prime, I would split my days between earning paltry sums from my work-from-home job, MonBre, exercise, and gaming. Of course, life is different now. I have a child, a wife, a full-time job, and my spare time is spent on "hobby development" of my soon-to-be game studio and its games.

In short: MonBre is being developed again. I doubt I will ever consider it a 'good' game, but of my 4,500 signups, there are some people that the game really meant something to. (particularly the blind/visually impaired population) I've resolved to leave MonBre running forever, even if no one is actively playing. I don't believe in abandoning any creation of mine, and there's a lot of history behind the game. Because I created MonBre, I met the person who would be best man at my wedding. I have a few Facebook friends who are contacts from MonBre. We had a special little community and I don't believe I am doing the game justice if it just sits here with these glaring bugs.

I want to detail where development is going and has gone. Right now, if a monster dies in battle, it'll be replaced by the next one in your party, yet the dead monster's skills will still appear for use unless you refresh the page. If you use any of those monster's skills, you get a security error and have to refresh the page to continue. That is totally unacceptable and is one of the first bugs I aim to fix. Visiting while logged in will offer you a quick-login button. Some visuals will improved. I'm sure I'll improve the newbie experience as well. When these matters are finished, I'll make a roadmap for new content. MonBre will be finished when you become Okapi; that is, when you defeat all the gods.

As for what's been done, nothing you'd notice. I spent two hours! Getting MonBre to work on my local dev environment. I set PvE exploration to use iFrames for non-blind users. (performance/presentation improvement) I converted our back-end database technology and performance should be incrementally better. I had a shamefully poor attitude with programming when I was developing MonBre; I just wanted to learn as little as was necessary, then get on to making the game. The result is I spent longer doing things the wrong way. It isn't easy to hop in and fix MonBre, but I'll be trying -- passively. If that means I spent two, ten, or zero hours on MonBre in a month, then that is what it is.

MonBre is an unlisted game of Tinydark Studio. Personal Website:
Vael Victus
"See you, fantasy monster game."
Posts: 2200
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01/06/2017 07:49
I have a question for you, the rare reader of our announcements. MonBre was mostly made in 2008 and 2009, when I was 18-20 years old, with the mentality of that age range. The front page is simply embarrassing, suggesting you need "intelligence" to play this RPG, and describing the game as a "literal MMO". I want to fix it up, but I also don't want the game to lose its charm. Some of our early quests are poorly written. Do you think I should leave these as artifacts of a time we'll never know again, or should I revise any cringey teenage bits?

MonBre is an unlisted game of Tinydark Studio. Personal Website:
Garr Slayer
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01/07/2017 23:51
IMO if it bothers you and you want to touch it up I don't see any harm. Either way it should be fine although, I lean more towards cleaning it up. Just don't get carried away.
This really is a nice and fun game.

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Killer Killer
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01/09/2017 18:34
I don't think you should edit your text just because you were young when you made it. It's good to see you still kicking Vael.

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Selwin Empathicus
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02/13/2017 03:18

wow and wow and just plane wow!
Actually this seems just about right, since someone on asked about Monbre recently and I remembered the game.
Really great it'll be back in some way, shape or form and get some bug fixes or updates or something.
I'll probably go and see if I can do in some more gods now : though I need to remember the rules of how things work.

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Ogretusk Thegreat
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02/17/2017 18:07
I think that the early quests could be "tweaked" but if they lose their base flavor, you've gone too far. PS: this is Sledge Wielder

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